Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Itsy Bitsy Spiders

I'm still here. No I have not written as much as I would like to or planned to, but I am still here!!

There were so many times I have wanted to sit down and write/type my thought here, but life seems to be moving very fast. And with 4 kiddos there is little time to just sit down!!

I do have one excuse for not updating this blog and that is that we moved!! And if you have ever moved with 3 children and 1 toddler, you have my sympathy!!! Unfortunatly the move did not go off without a hitch due to the fact that the family is not complete. Darrell's transfer is stalled and he is still living 2 hours away. So I am playing the single mom once more.
Playing the single mom isn't too terrible except in the mornings trying to get everyone ready for school; I never seem to have enough hands!! This morning of course was no exception. Despite the fact that it always seems to be organized chaos, the kids really seemed to be doing well this morning.

As I started to comb my hair I sent the first kiddo to brush their teeth. About 10 seconds later, three children are running to me telling me that there is a spider in the sink in the bathroom. I tell them I will be there in just a minute to see about it and for everyone to get back to what they were supposed to be doing except for the teeth-brusher who was re-assigned to brush her hair first due to the spider in the sink. Everyone was shaking their heads in agreement. Just as I finish talking Emma informs me that the spider in the sink is a mommy spider. It took a second for that to register, but then I stopped looked at Emma and asked her how she knew it was a mommy spider. She replied she knew it was a mommy because there were lots of little baby spiders crawling all around it.

Needless to say, I was now more interested in the situation. I go the the bathroom with my half-brushed hair and she was right. There is a large spider sitting at the drain of the sink and lots of little baby spiders crawling all around. (Which by the way, I thought that spiders laid egg sacs then left the babies to develop and hatch on their own. At least that is what I learned from Charlotte's Web) I know decide the easiest way to handle the situation is by mass drowning. I turn on the faucet and start splashing the water onto the sides of the sink. This does work to some effect, but some the spiders must have sensed danger because they started to crawl out of the sink. I then use the water spray bottle to shoot them back into the sink. This water spray bottle makes a faint high-pitch whine noise. As the kids are watching me take care of the spiders with awe and admiration. Jonathan says, "Wow. I can even hear the baby spiders crying."

I hope the massacre did not tramatized Jonathan too much and he will one day be able to kill spiders for his own wife and children.

By the way, we made it to school on time!