Monday, April 4, 2011

I Take a Nap Every Day!!

It's true!!! I take a nap everyday, well almost everyday. Are you jealous? You always hear people saying, "I wish I had a naptime," well, I am one of those people. But I should mention that I lie in the floor of my closet squished up against my shoe boxes (of which there are many.) I should also mention that my naps are only about 30 minutes long, because I then wake up with my hip and shoulder in pain because I have been lying on the hard floor. Why do I do this, you ask. Because I'm lucky enough to do so. Everyday after lunch, my sweet Jonathan washes his hands and face and goes potty. Then in a sweet small voice, he asks, "Mommy, will you lay down with me?" Of course, I can't resist. I follow him into the closet and lay down next to him, but not too close (he has never been a cuddler) then he grabs my hand and holds it as he drifts off to sleep. This has become a special ritual for me and I will miss it dearly next year when he is gone. It doesn't matter that I could be up mopping the kitchen floor, cleaning my bathroom, organizing family pictures, dusting the living room or folding a load of laundry (all of which need doing as I am typing.) Next year, he will go off to Kindergarten. Thus ending, leisurly lunches while watching cartoons, long afternoon naps, and playing computer games together cheering each other on. His world will expand by leaps and bounds. And our precious time is growing short and I am going to treasure every moment, even if it mean lying on the floor holding his hand watching him fall asleep. I pray that someday, when he is all grown-up, somewhere in the back of his mind, he will remember these naptimes.

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  1. ahhh - i miss the days before kindergarten sometimes. mine were horrible nappers, but we did cuddle in my bed first thing in the mornings before breakfast and watch pbs. now our days are full and don't afford us that time, and my kids have outgrown clifford and george for the most part. I am glad you are treasuring this time! enjoy your naps <3